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What's It Worth To You To Know This SECRET!

“For the price of a large pizza, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how I can sponsor 100 people into ANY Network Marketing opportunity…
in 30 DAYS or LESS!”


If you’re involved in MLM and you do not take 7 minutes (YES, I’ve timed it!) to read every word of this website, it will be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. 87% of Networkers never receive one single check, and the “Insider Tells All” recruiting system has my home office desk covered in MLM checks from three different MLM companies!

My desk is covered in checks!

For the first time ever, you can COPY my EXACT recruiting system to give yourself an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competition. Within days of me discovering this incredible recruiting system, I had HUNDREDS of people (complete and total strangers) listening to my MLM sizzle call every week… and I didn’t have to say a single word to get them to do it. From the pictures above, you can see what that did for my MLM business.

If you have been in Network Marketing for any amount of time you know that there are only a small handful of people out there that are even willing to give MLM a chance. Having a proven recruiting system like the one you’re about to discover could be the difference between those people ending up in your downline or your competitions.

Kevin K.After receiving your book I immediately realized this is not just a book but an actual “Recruiting System”. You were right Mike … I now look at Network Marketing in a whole new light. I truly feel like I have now been let in on the best recruiting secret ever.

Kevin K. – Louisiana, La
MLM Company: Juice Plus

Gerry S.If you’re serious about being successful in Network Marketing you need to get past the learning curve that comes with any new business as fast as possible. That’s exactly what the Insider Tells All book did for me, and I have the checks to prove it! Thanks Mike.

Gerry S. – Austin, TX
MLM Company: izigg

Misty B.Out of all the “How To” MLM systems and books I have researched on Network Marketing the “Insider Tells All” book is by far the BEST!!!! It’s a real system and Mike gives you simple step by step instructions. I’m so excited to put the “Insider Tells All” ultimate recruiting system into action. Thanks Mike!

Misty B. – Houston, TX
MLM Company: Unknown

As you can see from the testimonials above, your competition (other networkers) have already taken action and ordered the “Insider Tells All” book. They’re using this recruiting system to recruit total strangers from all over the US into their MLM business (people that could have been in your business). In fact, in just a few months 1,127 copies of this book have been sold! Everyday that you wait could be costing you valuable distributors. Trust me… YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET LEFT BEHIND!

“Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?”

My name is Mike, and I’m just your average 42-year old guy living in Houston, Texas. The reason you need to read every single word of this website is because I’m about to reveal to you the simplest and most powerful recruiting system you will ever see.

It allowed me to go from being a guy that was too embarrassed to tell anyone how many people I had in my downline to being THE GUY ON-STAGE, receiving awards and getting paid as much as $500 PER HOUR from Network Marketing CEO’s to speak at their standing room only events.


Within months of discovering this recruiting system, I was featured on a 30-minute TV show about how to build wealth from home. It was seen by millions of people! It all happened so FAST and I owe it all to this recruiting system… the VERY system that I am willing to share with you for the price of a large pizza.

You will be shocked and amazed when you see what I had to go through to discover this recruiting system. You’ll quickly see that no matter how hard I worked or how much money I spent, discovering this system was the result of PURE LUCK!!!

I’ll admit it…I got lucky and now IT’S YOUR TURN!

I had been involved in MLM for almost three full years and had spent nearly $22,000 of my hard earned savings before I got lucky. The reason I was able to dedicate so much time and money to my Network Marketing Business was because I owned a successful vending business (you know… soda machines).

I had 72 soda machines all over the Houston area and was making a pretty good living. My home was almost paid off, I had just bought a BMW, had a motorcycle and even a boat that I kept at the lake.

First Nice Car

There was just one problem. I had ZERO time to enjoy any of it. I filled soda machines from sun up to sun down, six days a week. I was burned out and ready for a change in my life.

I sold my vending company and started my Network Marketing Career. Selling my vending company gave me the time and money to dedicate 40-50 hours a week to my new MLM business.

I did everything my upline asked of me. I had home meetings, talked to everyone within 3 feet of me, bought hundreds of dollars in samples and handed them out like candy. I was shocked when it didn’t work.

I just knew for sure that it must be the company I was with! So, I joined a different MLM company with a totally different product and started all over. Once again, I listened to my upline, did the home meetings, followed the 3-foot rule and handed out hundreds of dollars of product samples. Again, IT DID NOT WORK! Sound familiar?

It has now been almost two years since I got into Network Marketing, and I had not made a dime. In fact, at this point, I had lost about $10,000. I was now getting desperate. So, I joined my third MLM Company and truly believed that this time I was going to hit it big!

At this point, I was finally able to realize that most MLM companies have a small group of people making $10,000 per month while most of the other people in the same EXACT Company with the same EXACT product were not making a dime!

Why is that? Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s not the company or the product that determines if you’re going to succeed. It’s the recruiting system you use to build your business! The people that are making money in MLM have been lucky enough to stumble onto a simple recruiting system that works!

I was now on the right track and hunting for a recruiting system that worked. I knew first-hand that home meetings and talking to friends and family didn’t work. I needed to try something different.

I decided to make 500 copies of my MLM Company’s promotional video (which was not cheap). I then walked my entire subdivision hanging them on people’s doors. My thought was if I could just sign-up 10 people out of the 500 DVD’s, it would be worth all of the money I had spent. You guessed it. I didn’t sign-up one person.

“That’s it!” I thought “I’m pulling out the big guns!” I decided to film a TV commercial. I actually think I was one of the first people in the U.S. to try recruiting people with a TV commercial.

Actual TV Commercial

By the time the production and air-time was paid for, once again, I had lost money. This time it was BIG money! I had now been in Network Marketing for three full years, had not made a dime, and all I had to show for it was the $22,000 I had LOST. That was it! I had had enough. I was finished… DONE! That night I made plans to start another vending business.

THEN IT HAPPENED! I got the phone call that changed everything.

The gentleman on the other end of the phone saw my TV commercial on the VERY last night it ran. I GOT LUCKY! He wanted to meet me at his home to talk “business”. I thought, “GREAT. I’ll sign this guy up and it just might be enough to keep my MLM dream alive for another 30 days”.

You should have seen my face when I pulled up to this gentlemen’s “home”. It was actually an estate complete with a red Ferrari parked right out front. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to meet one of the top direct marketers in the entire country. Now do you see why I say I got lucky, REALLY LUCKY?

Pictures of the Actual Home

His estate also came complete with a full size movie theater, a 2-story night club, and not one or two, but THREE swimming pools. This home had even been seen on MTV MORE THAN ONCE! By the way, this is also a good example of what can happen when you have a good product backed by a proven marketing system.

Within minutes of meeting this guy, I knew he wasn’t about to join my MLM business. In fact, I ended up joining the MLM Company he owned. That is when I finally, FINALLY found myself in the right place at the right time. It was the day that I discovered this recruiting system. The very same recruiting system that you are about to discover. Like I said…

I got lucky, NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

After discovering this simple recruiting system, I quickly became the #1 distributor in his entire company. The recruiting system was unbelievably simple. I even had enough time on the side to build two other downlines in two separate MLM companies. Now I know it can be tacky to talk about checks, but when you are talking business, it’s the best way to see if something is working or not.

Not uncommon to get 3 or 4 checks at a time!

Within days of tapping into this simple system, I had people from all over the country listening to my MLM “sizzle call” and watching my MLM video and I didn’t have to say a single word. Think about that… If you had 100 or more people each day listening to your MLM “sizzle call”, what could that do for your business? EXACTLY!! IT GETS EVEN BETTER!

I would come home and even have messages on my voicemail from TOTAL STRANGERS wanting to know how they could sign up in my MLM business! Can you even imagine? The best part is this recruiting system is only getting stronger with each passing day. Your timing is perfect!!!

Every day, millions of new people are logging onto the internet for the very first time. Most of them are looking to meet new people and make extra money. That‘s where this recruiting system comes in and works like a virtual GOLD MINE. It does most of the work for you!

Here is the BEST part. This FREE MULTI- MILLION DOLLAR recruiting system is already in place and working right now. You just need to know how to tap into it and I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how to do that for the price of a large pizza.

After you tap into this multi-million dollar system (a virtual gold mine), I believe you will truly feel like you have just been let in on the BEST RECRUITING SECRET EVER! I want you to see what happened when I used this recruiting system to promote my current MLM business.

I received 24 checks in 30 days!

You’re now just minutes away from being let
in on the Best Recruiting SECRET EVER!!!

The reason this system is so powerful is because only a small handful of networkers in the entire U.S. even know it exists. Think about it. You just read my story. Look at what I had to go through in order to discover it! Don’t miss out! Opportunity is never missed; it’s ALWAYS taken by the right people…

99% of Network Marketers will NEVER discover
this system or be lucky enough to stumble onto
this website! You got lucky!

Now I want to answer the last question I’m sure you are asking yourself. “Mike, if this recruiting system is so simple and it works like magic why is it that you are willing to share it with me for the price of a large pizza?”

Let me answer that question RIGHT NOW, so you can see this is 100% REAL! Like I said earlier, I have flown around this country and have made as much as $500 an hour to speak at Network Marketing events.

Speaking on stage

While I was on stage, it dawned on me. If Network Marketing CEO’s are willing to pay me to speak at their events and another gentleman was even willing to pay me $2,000 to copy my system, why not write my entire system down, step-by-step, in an easy to follow book that anyone can follow? That’s exactly what I did!

You get the SAME EXACT system that I use today!

You get the SAME EXACT system I was paid $500 an hour to reveal!

You get the SAME EXACT system that one man paid $2,000 to copy!

You get it all for $24.95! This 207-page book, which I have titled “Insider Tells All” costs about $4 to print and sells for only $24.95. I make $20 profit on each order and sharing this recruiting system with you will not slow my personal MLM business down one bit.

That’s why I’m willing to share it with you. I can create a second income stream without hurting my existing MLM business whatsoever. It’s that simple. I told you this would all make sense to you like any good business investment should. It’s a win-win for both of us.

This is not just a book. It’s an exact BLUEPRINT of
my proven recruiting system. I left NOTHING out.

REAL 207-page book!


Tony M.“I have been a successful Internet Marketer for a little over 10 years. Some people have even called me an Internet Guru. Listen close to what I’m about to say, if you’ve been fortunate enough to find this website, take the next step RIGHT NOW and order your book.”

Tony M. – Sugarland, TX
MLM Company: Amway

Lamont W.“Mike – The training system you revealed proves that you are truly living a purpose filled life…I immediately implemented the secrets you revealed and it has already help me in my primary business. Thanks for paying it forward!”

Lamont W. – Houston, TX
MLM Company: MPB Today

Steven S.“Network Marketing checks are rolling in and more are on the way and I’m just getting started with the “Insider Tells All” recruiting system. All I can say is WOW! I read the book within the first 24 hours, each chapter was better than the next … incredible”

Steven S. – Houston, TX
MLM Company: MyShoppingGenie

Patty K.“After reading the “Insider Tells All” book the best advice that I can give you is to tell your downline where they can get a copy of this book immediately and don’t tell your competition what you have found… you’ll see what I mean once you read the book.”

Patty K. – Louisiana, LA
MLM Company: JuicePlus

Charlie R.“All I did was follow 3 simple steps over and over again. I received as many as 3 MLM checks in a single week. Mike’s book showed me that there are thousands of people out there that are willing to join my business, I just needed to know how to find them.”

Charlie R. – Dallas, TX
MLM Company: izigg

Patrick B.“I have dozens of how-to books, motivational books, MLM books, success books. Mike Demetro finally put together one that is worth it’s weight in gold. It is exactly what every “regular person” needs to succeed in this industry. I started doing exactly what Mike says to do and the results are phenomenal. I have a number of leaders on my team following my lead and ordering Mike’s book and having the same results! Thanks Mike”

Patrick Behnke – NC
MLM Company: MyShoppingGenie

Delon H.“Being a multi million dollar producer in Network Marketing has giving me a lifestyle most people only dream of. In fact this is actually a picture of me at my office. After reading the “Insider Tells All” book and discovering these simple recruiting secrets I truly believe this will be my best year ever!”

Delon Hangler – Chattanooga, TN
MLM Company: MPV

ATTENTION: Network Marketing is extremely competitive. Every minute you wait to order your book could be costing you valuable time and distributors that could end up in your competitor’s downline… increasing their MLM checks instead of yours. Your competition has already taken action and ordered this book. DO NOT GET LEFT BEHIND!

Like I said earlier, if you have been in MLM for any amount of time then you know that there are only a small amount of people out there that are willing to join an MLM business each month. Having a recruiting system that works is what will determine if those people will end up in your downline or your competition’s!


When was the last time you received live training from the author for simply buying their book? Exactly!

Keep in mind; I have been paid up to $500 an hour to speak at MLM events and up to $2,000 for one-on-one consulting. With this limited time offer, you will get it absolutely FREE.

I’m only accepting a very small group of people to take part in my FREE coaching program. The reason I’m even offering it to you is simple. I want to add more testimonials and even a video to this website. The fastest way to do that is to allow a small (and I mean SMALL) group of people the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching to help ensure their success.

Real People. Real Results.

Once my new testimonials are uploaded to this website, this limited time offer (contained within the dotted lines) will be removed. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. This offer could end in a few hours or even a few minutes. The chance to buy the “Insider Tells All” book will always be here, but once the offer contained within the dotted line is removed it is gone for good.

At this point you have seen documentation, pictures and even testimonials but with that being said I must also say that I can not and will not damage my reputation by guaranteeing that you will build a multi-million dollar downline if you purchase the “Insider Tells All” book or that you’ll get rich or even make any money at all. Nobody in the world could ever make that guarantee, legally, morally or most importantly ethicly.

However, I can tell you this… you owe it to your self to read the Insider tells All book and draw your own conclusion as to what it can do for your MLM business. I will offer you two guarantees (see below) to make this the safest $24.95 investment you’ve ever made.

First Guarantee

After reading my book, if you are not able to recruit 30 people into your MLM business within the next 30 days, simply return it…no questions asked. Think about it. I am letting you test my entire recruiting system risk-free. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Second Guarantee

Hands down, this is the strongest guarantee I have ever heard of. Within 30 days of receiving my book, if you do not feel that it’s worth 10 times the price you paid, simply return it. How can you lose with this guarantee? You can’t! I have just made this the most secure $24.95 investment you will ever make!

Breaking News

I’m proud to announce at this point 1,127 copies of the “Insider Tells All” book have sold in just a few short months and not ONE SINGLE book has been returned. NOT ONE… In fact, people are referring this book to their downlines like crazy!!!

The Verdict is In ... This is 100% REAL!

In network marketing you have to accomplish two things to be successful, recruit new reps and customers for your business and train them to do the same. Training has never been easier… simply tell your downline about this website, but not your competition!


It took me 3 years of trial and error and $22,000 of my life savings to discover this recruiting system. I even had to shoot a TV commercial. Bottom-line you could easily go a life time in MLM and never discover this system, and now my entire system can be on your doorstep within 48 hours for only $24.95… the cost of a large pizza. I like to use the pizza reference because it points out how ridiculous this offer is when you consider 87% of network marketers will never get a single check and this simple recruiting system has my home office desk covered in MLM checks from 3 different downlines!

Checks from my downlines...

You have an EASY decision to make!

Order your book today for $24.95 and it ships today. ACT NOW and 48 hours from RIGHT NOW you could
have an EXACT BLUEPRINT of the “Insider Tells All” recruiting system delivered to your front door!!!

It's Time to Create Your Success Story!