Put 100 People In Your Downline Today!

In a minute you’ll see why (and even how) I’m going to put 100 people in your personal downline starting right now, without you saying a word, or spending one dime.

Please DO NOT skip ahead; it will confuse you. Read the website in the order in which it was written.

Insider Tells All

Dear Networker,

I’m Mike Demetro, the author of the award winning “Insider Tells All” book, and on this website you’re going to see exactly how I went from being the guy embarrassed to tell you how many people I had in my downline…

… to the guy on stage receiving recruiting awards and having my name appear in national home business magazines and even featured on a 30 minute TV show called “Part Time work, Full Time wealth”

My desk is covered in checks!

As you can see above, the Insider Tells All recruiting system has also allowed me to build and receive checks from 3 separate downlines in the same week, and I’m now going to use the recruiting system in my book to put 100 or more people in your DOWNLINE without you saying a single word or risking ONE DIME!!! I know it sounds crazy but it’s 100% TRUE!!!

I only know of 3 people (myself included) in the entire MLM
industry of 22,000,000 people that have a recruiting system
in place running RIGHT NOW that can put 100 or more people
in your downline without you saying a word. Think about it…
it’s like winning the MLM LOTTERY!!!

Now, I’m not only going to tell you why I’m willing to put 100 or more people in your downline, I’m even going to show you step by step how I’m going to do it so you can see this is 100% REAL!!!

Here’s how it works…

I currently have HUNDREDS of small ads all over the Internet on Facebook, Google and even YouTube, working 24/7. In fact, you may have even seen one of them and ordered my book and I’m now just minutes away from using these same ads and my recruiting system to put 100 people in your personal downline (example below):

Sample Ads

These actual ads, and the “Insider Tells All” Book and Auto Recruiting System are the very things that have allowed me to personally recruit 247 people in 80 days, and build three separate downlines in 3 totally different MLM companies with THOUSANDS of reps, in weeks not years!!!

Here’s Why That’s Important To You…

I have ONLY used this incredible recruiting system 3 times in my entire 18 year career, and I’m doing it again RIGHT NOW even as you read this! But this time every single person I recruit from the “Insider Tells All” Book and Auto Recruiting System (shown below), and the $9000 in ads each month will go directly into Your personal DOWNLINE without You saying a single word or paying ONE DIME!



Here’s The Problem

When You have an auto recruiting system like this, that requires an advertising budget of $9000 a month to run, money that is taken directly out of my personal bank account every day, You HAVE to be very careful when picking the right network marketing company to point this system at.

As you can see, I have my REAL MONEY  backing this system. This is 100% Real!

My $300/day Facebook Ad Budget

My Wells Fargo Bank Account

Now before we go any further, let me say that I know (because you bought my book) that you’re in a MLM program right now, and if you’re making $8,000 to $9,000 a month … or if you have an upline that’s willing to put a hundred people in your downline like I am, that’s great, DON’T STOP what you’re doing.

But if you’re not making that kind of money right now, it can’t hurt to put another iron in the fire. Any successful person will tell you to diversify if you get the opportunity, and that goes for any business, including Network Marketing.

I was actually in 3 different MLM companies before I had a VERY successful run. If I wouldn’t have diversified and had 3 irons in the fire at ONCE, I would have missed that successful run with the one company out of the 3 that took off like a rocket.

My advice to you… don’t get brain washed by any company, not even the one that I’m about to introduce you to… always think of YOUR Network Marketing career FIRST and MLM company SECOND!!! So with that being said let me get back to the offer on the table.

I have been searching for 18 straight months to find the right company to point my recruiting system at. The reason it took so long is simple: when you have as much money as I do on the line, you can’t just go to an MLM meeting your friend heard about and sign up… I actually have to meet with the CEO of the company and see the operation for myself!

Think about it… You have seen the “Insider Tells All” website where you ordered your book, you have seen the pictures, you know CEOs send me free plane tickets, hotels rooms, and even back stage passes just to tour their companies in hopes that I’ll point the “Insider Tells All” System at their companies.

FREE Airline Tickets, Hotel Room + Backstage Passes

Backstage at a SOLD-OUT Network Marketing Event

Even with all that special attention, it still took me 18 months  of tireless research to finally find a company I felt had  ALL THE RIGHT STUFF. That should give you a good idea  of how strict I am when it comes to evaluating a company.

Now let me get to the BOTTOM LINE so you can really see what you got your hands on RIGHT NOW! All you have to do to have the ENTIRE POWER of the “Insider Tells All” System and $9000 a month ad budget pointed directly at your PERSONAL DOWNLINE is simply secure a spot in the MLM company I’m about to introduce you to.

From the very minute you secure your spot, EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I recruit from my system will go DIRECTLY into your PERSONAL DOWNLINE! And if this offer was not incredible enough, by the time you get to the end of this website you’ll see that I’m even going to let You…

Test Drive This Incredible Offer 100% RISK FREE!!!

That’s right…You can secure your spot in this MLM company, and in 30 days if you don’t like the number of people I put in your personal downline you can get a FULL REFUND! You have absolutely nothing to lose and a downline numbering in the hundreds, maybe even thousands to gain, all without ever saying a word or spending a single dime on ads!

How can you lose?…YOU CAN’T!

Now before I explain why I’m going to put 100 or more people in your personal downline, I want to take a minute to introduce you to the company, product and the AUTOMATED MARKETING SYSTEM I helped to create for this company.

I truly believe this is the simplest, fastest, and easiest way to promote a network marketing product that I have ever seen, because it includes a customized “Internet Infomercial” that you can post on free social sites like the ones shown below:


I'm serious…as you’ll see on the video...YOU CAN DO THIS BUSINESS!

ATTENTION: Please keep in mind as you watch the video below that millions of people suffer from:

  • ‘Lack of Energy’ is a $10 Billion Dollar Industry…

  • ‘Lack of Sleep’ is a $31 Billion Dollar Industry…and

  • Weight Loss’ is a $64 Billion Dollar Industry

With a combined total of over $103 Billion Dollars already being spent, know this, OUR product helps with ALL THREE! This is the very reason our product did over $12.4 Million in sales in the last 12 months and if you’re wondering what this means to YOU… I think these pictures of actual TLC reps at our last company event holding up checks says it all.


Were creating success stories like this with our simple “3 Step to Success” program that I helped create which is Listen, Look, Decide to take your 100% risk FREE test drive! Just call and listen to the BRAND NEW testimonial line below for “Total Life Changes” that I was honored to write and be the host of:

TLC Hotline

Now it’s time to watch your FREE internet infomercial that I was also honored to help create and even host, and the best part is, this company just released its brand new breakout product, Rénique, which broke all sales records in the first 30 days! YOUR TIMING IS PERFECT!

Watch This Video!


Here are just a small handful of the HUNDREDS of people that have changed their life with this incredible product:


Your timing is perfect. You’re now here for the brand new launch of our new breakthrough Renique product. The before and afters are just starting to come in:


When you have simple products like this that get amazing results, you could build an online business in weeks that would normally take months, even years.


Your new “Total Life Changes” business will come complete with two separate lead capture pages (shown below), which will also contain your very own Internet infomercials that promote the product for you without a saying a word.


“Let’s take a look at this AUTOMATED SYSTEM, which I helped design, in ACTION which consists of ‘3 Simple Steps’ that only take 30 minutes a day”

Social Broadcasting

All you do is take 30 minutes a day to promote your web pages by sending emails or texts, or post on FREE social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn. The video on your site, which is basically your very own Internet infomercial, works 24/7 promoting your business and “Total Life Changes” exclusive product line without you saying a word!

People Fill Out Your Form

People that see your internet infomercial and suffer from lack of energy, sleep and weight gain or simply want to look younger will fill out the form on your web pages to find out how they can test drive your exclusive product line without risking one dime. Remember, lack of energy is a $10 billion dollar industry. Lack of sleep is a $31 billion dollar industry, and weight gain is a $64 billion dollar industry, and anti-aging is a $56 billion dollar industry… This Is HUGE!!!

24-Hour Webinar

You simply email or call the people that left their information on your web page to invite them to attend a 24-Hour Autopilot Presentation where they will hear from real people just like them that have gotten real results from our exclusive product line and real money from our opportunity. They will also be introduced to our empty bottle, NO QUESTIONS asked return policy that allows anyone to try our product line 100% risk FREE!

“The best part is EVERYTIME a person joins your business, or buys, or even reorders a product, YOU make 50% commission on EVERY SALE!!!”

You sell a $200 business TLC pack – You Make $100

You sell a $300 business TLC pack – You Make $150

You sell a $500 business TLC pack – You Make $250

You sell a $800 business TLC pack – You Make $400

And this all starts with your VERY FIRST sale. NO Qualification to meet!

Now That I Have Your Attention, Let’s Talk
About Your Once In A Lifetime DEAL…

At this point you now know what MLM company and product I’m going to point the “Insider Tells All” Recruiting System at… You also know the “Insider Tells All” recruiting system is running right now because you actually responded to one of my ads on Facebook or YouTube and ordered your book! … BOTTOM-LINE, this recruiting system is running right now. You just need to let it work for you.

TRUST ME!!!… It will never, ever be this easy to build a downline again! And remember, YOU will even get to test drive this incredible offer 100% risk FREE for the next 30 days!

Now I want to take a minute to explain how, and why, I’m even able to make this incredible offer. It all starts with the Compensation Plan attached to the MLM company.

Their comp plan is a time tested, proven comp plan called a ‘Binary’, which has been around the MLM industry for over 20 years, and has contributed to creating too many MILLIONAIRES to count! It’s very easy to understand, and it only has two legs to keep up with, as you can see from the example below.

Only two legs to keep up with!

As you can see from the screen shot of my back office (below), my left leg already has $251,385 in volume in it, and it’s growing everyday all by itself! That’s the very reason I’m able to put every single person I recruit into YOUR personal DOWLINE!

The example (below) of my personal binary, shows I have ONLY ONE LEG with $251,385 volume and people in it… I’m now going to point the FULL POWER of the “Insider Tells All” Book and Auto Recruiting System, and $9000 a month ad budget at the left leg and that’s where you come in! Once you secure your spot in that leg, every single person that I sign up and recruit has to go under you, in your downline…it’s that simple!

Once I place you in this leg, you’ll have the FULL POWER  of the “Insider Tells All” Book and Auto Recruiting System,  plus $9000 a month ad budget working for YOU!

Let’s take it one step further. If you sign up RIGHT NOW (marked here with a green man in the example below), and 6 more people sign up today after you have secured your spot, all 6 will go directly into your personal downline.

One more example below … every single person I recruit… 100, 200, even 500 people … from the “Insider Tells All” Recruiting System and my $9,000/mo. ad budget will go directly into your personal downline. Remember, I have used this exact recruiting system to personally sponsor 247 people in less than 80 days and I’m doing it again right now and every single person will go directly into your downline.

Now at this point, if you do not totally understand this offer, don’t worry. I will explain everything in detail when we talk.

We haven’t even talked about what could happen when the people I put in your downline start to recruit other people. This is how I have been able to build downlines numbering in the “thousands” in weeks, that would normally take months or even years…and it could all be under YOU!!!

From the minute you secure your spot, every person that I recruit with the “Insider Tells All” Auto Recruiting System goes directly into your DOWNLINE!

Sample Ads

When you consider I have sold as many as 419 books in just 48 hours…from all the ads running and every single (person / networker) that buys a book will be sent to this EXACT webpage and could end up in YOUR DOWNLINE.. This is the very reason you need to secure your spot RIGHT NOW!

Even as you read this, chances are there are at least 1 or 2 other networkers looking at this same EXACT web page right now.

This week alone hundreds of networkers just like you will view this website and offer… and when any one of them jumps on this incredible opportunity only two things can happen… they will either be your upline or they will be in your downline.

If they join before you do, they will be your upline! If they join after you do, they will be in your DOWNLINE.. It’s that simple!

But what I’m about to say will make this an absolute no brainer…

On top of the hundreds of internet ads that will be working 24/7 to put people in your downline without you saying a word, I’m also going to mail thousands and thousands of postcards show below (the same postcard you received) to all the networkers that have already bought my book and every single time one of them joins the business they will go directly into your downline without you risking one dime.


There’s more…


Think about it… you could go a lifetime in the network marketing industry and never ever have the opportunity again to take part in an AUTO PILOT recruiting system like this that is capable of putting hundreds of people in your downline even without you saying a word. In fact, chances are right now hundreds of other networkers are reading the same postcard you received and calling the number to take their FREE tour.

Every minute you wait to secure your spot could be costing you valuable distributors… and all you have to do to make sure EVERY SINGLE one of them ends up in YOUR DOWNLINE is to secure your spot RIGHT NOW before they do! And if that offer isn’t incredible enough… I’m even going to let You…

Test Drive This Offer 100% Risk FREE!!!

That’s not MY Guarantee, it’s the MLM Company’s ROCK SOLID Guarantee that you will sign up with.

Try it 100% Risk FREE!!!

The MLM Company’s unconditional 30 day money back guarantee is the very reason you would be crazy not to JUMP ON THIS OFFER RIGHT NOWTHIS VERY MINUTE!

Think about it… You have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially a downline in the hundreds, or maybe even the thousands, to gain!!

Here’s My Personal Recommendation…

Grab your spot right now and let the entire “Insider Tells All” Auto Recruiting System and ads work for you… wait 28 days and look in your back office. If you’re satisfied with the number of people in your downline (and you will be) keep your spot. If you’re NOT, simply get a FULL REFUND! How can you lose? … YOU CAN’T

But, (you guessed it) It Gets Better…

You will also be working directly with me (I will be your sponsor)… keep in mind I have been paid as much as $500 an hour to speak and train at SOLD OUT MLM events, and $2000 a week for one on one personal consulting. You will be working one-on-one with me on a daily basis as part of my exclusive team to help ensure your success!

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE…

You have just been introduced to one of those incredible recruiting systems that less then 00.01% of ALL NETWORKERS will ever be lucky enough to discover, a system that has the POWER to change a networker’s life and potentially launch a MILLION DOLLAR career and you now have a chance to be a part of it!

Your new business builder pack comes complete with everything shown here:


“At this point if you TRULY don’t feel that you have
just been offered a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity,

I don’t want to be rude but if you’re not scrambling to pick up the phone right now to secure your spot, this tells me you have not been involved in Network Marketing long enough to understand the incredible offer that’s on the table right now.

If you’re ready to secure your place, or if you
have any questions, give me a call:

Mike De Luca: (857) 318-5919

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